Mahuhu Warung

from the streets of Jakarta to Auckland

Introducing Warung Mahuhu, the physical manifestation of our commitment to creating great products. Transforming from a crazy idea in our CEO’s mind to a fully functioning warung (small convenience store) nestled inside our Auckland, New Zealand office.

Today, the term warung has shifted, especially among tourists, to mean more specifically a modest Indonesian café or restaurant or a place that sells things like groceries. But for the majority of Indonesians, the meaning is still a small, neighborhood convenience store.


Planning and flooring
building the structure
products straight from Jakarta
Mahuhu Warung in operation

Genuine experiences, driving genuine products

We built the warung to simulate the authentic experience of a merchant. From the dimensions to the inventory on hand, no stone was left unturned. Accuracy was key to executing this successfully and making this more than a marketing exercise.

The smallest details were covered with the team going above and beyond, fully stocking the store with authentic Indonesian inventory, designing the store to mimic a warung kopi, we even produced a delicious menu!

Outside of the box thinking, producing outside of the box results

Building the future of payments in emerging markets is no easy feat. Cutting edge innovation requires moving in directions that lead to novel outcomes.

At Youtap, we pride ourselves on thinking differently and Warung Mahuhu is just the latest example of our commitment to doing things differently to deliver products that change the game.


From ideation to execution

The journey started as just the nickname IndoJones (as a nod to our fearless Founder and CEO) and progressed to notebook sketches. From there we transformed those sketches into 3D renders and those renders into a physical location. The end result located in our Auckland R&D office is an almost perfect replica of a genuine warung kopi. It is stocked with authentic Indonesian goods and provides us with the perfect environment to simulate realistic scenarios that our merchants face every day.